ESSAN International, Inc. is a research and development oriented organization. Our research and development capabilities encompass many areas in computing and engineering, such as big data analytics, security (including cyber-security), large- scale distributed processing, cloud computing, computational modeling, complex adaptive systems, human modeling, socio-cultural modeling, adversarial modeling, effects-based assessment, knowledge base application, user modeling, multi-agent systems, mission planning and logistics, intelligence analysis and decision support networks, biometrics, high performance and intelligent information retrieval and document processing, psychological evaluation, psychometric tools, protein folding and computational biology, gap analysis, manufacturing, scheduling, and many others.

ESSAN provides effective and efficient solutions for diverse problems which involved high tech cutting-edged knowledge and applications. We also develop technologies and tools applicable to many different areas, including, but not limited to, those listed above. ESSAN accepts most new and challenging problems from customers, applies broad range and advanced technologies in conjunction with our in-house expertise, to solve, fulfill and accommodate the needs and the requirements of our clients.

ESSAN is/was also involved in various Small Business Innovative Research (SBIR) projects, wherein we conduct state-of-the-art research, present proof-of-concept solutions, and/or provide full-scale development to accomplish the purposes (goals) of the SBIR programs.

Many significant innovations are available to ESSAN (some exclusively) for providing unparalleled capabilities to our clients. Several of these innovations are particularly noteworthy:

         Bayesian Knowledge Base (BKB) system

         Augmented Knowledge Base (AKB) system and Augmented Reasoning (AR)

         Augmented Relational Database (ARDB), Augmented Deductive Database (ADDB) and Augmented Inductive Database (AIDB)

         Anytime-Anywhere Information Retrieval and Tracking (AAIRT)

ESSAN is not only the pioneer of BKB systems, we are also the premier Company in the practices and applications of BKBs for providing inventive solutions to complex problems spanning many areas in computing and engineering. With the advent of AKBs, ESSAN could further provide even more effective, pioneering and efficient solutions to satisfy the needs of our clients.

ESSAN has developed a variety of advanced computational algorithms and tools to enhance our solutions for all problems involved in terms of effectiveness and efficiency. Whenever appropriate, we apply technologies such as BKB, AKB, and others to formalize and generate new knowledge from existing knowledge in a distributed and/or unified environment. Our capabilities, especially our in-house expertise, enable us to come up with the most promising and innovative procedures and solutions in attacking and solving the problems at hand.


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