Augmented Relational Database (ARDB), Augmented Deductive Database (ADDB) and Augmented Inductive Database (AIDB)*



Relational database can be formulated using Free-Form Database (FFDB), which is a special form of Augmented Knowledge Base (AKB). This allows relational databases, with or without uncertainties, to be used and examined with a new perspective and a new set of tools. Such relational databases will be referred to as Augmented Relational Databases (ARDB).


FFDB was recently introduced by Eugene Santos, Jr., Eunice E. Santos, Eugene S. Santos and Evelyn W. Santos to provide an alternative framework for relational databases capable of handling uncertain data contained in the database and/or outside the database.


FFDB are also used to formulate augmented deductive database (ADDB), as well as, augmented inductive database (AIDB). Among other things, the latter can serve as formal model for extracting new information from relational databases, e.g., data mining.




*patent pending